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Serving the Gaming Industry since 2006

We strive to remain on the cutting edge of tax law and financial trends. We believe in keeping our clients well-informed and we continually 

adapt to the ever-changing world of Gambling Tax Laws and accounting. We have a consistent track record of uncompromising skill that 

instills trust for every client. We currently represent over 120 professional poker players who have amassed, online and live, career cashes 

of more than 130 million dollars and have won more than 45 WSOP and WPT bracelets. 

Established and practicing in Las Vegas, we cater to gambling professionals and businesses both foreign and domestic.


     US Based Professional Gamblers

  • Should I be considered a Professional or Amateur Player?
  • Is there a benefit to being a "corporation"?
  • Do I have to pay taxes when gambling online or oversees?
  • What is an acceptable "Schedule of Play" for the IRS?
  • I was staked, how can I write off paying back my sponsor?
  • I've been paid in Bitcoin for gaming winnings, do I have to track it?
  • I'm really bad about my record keeping, can you help me?

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     This is our Specialty!

Let us help you build a strong financial foundation for years 

to come.  We understand gaming and the importance of each client's unique circumstance.  Professional or amateur, from staking to sponsorship, online play or live, we have the experience to handle any tax situation you have.

Let us answer these questions for you.

This is what we do!

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     US Non-Resident  Professional Gamblers

  • Why did the casino withhold 30% of my winnings?
  • Do I really have to pay tax to the US on my gambling winnings?
  • What is an ITIN and how do I get one?
  • Does my country have a tax treaty with the USA?
  • What is a Certified Acceptance Agent?
  • Can you help with other business taxes I need to do in the USA?
  • What expenses can I write off from my trips to the USA?

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What our customers are saying

I am the worst at keeping my records together.  Theresa and her staff make me really look like a "Professional" poker player in the eyes of the IRS.  Can't thank them enough for always having my back. Couldn't do it without them.

Ryan D- Professional Poker Player